Burlesque Babe Adult Costume

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Long Black Gloves

Long Black Gloves Burlesque

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Burlesque dancers are not strippers. They have more class and polish. Divas in a showgirl costume are masters of the arts of seduction and temptation, showing just enough skin to let a gentleman’s imagination wander while encouraging him to remain a gentleman.

Burlesque Victorian Vampiress Adult Costume

Burlesque Victorian Vampire Costume

Burlesque costumes are not tawdry. They accentuate a performer’s charms with slightly naughty outfits and accessories that remind the audience that life can be a cabaret.

When burlesque first became popular in America in the 1860s, it resembled vaudeville rather than the glamour that people associate with it today. Skits, musical acts, and comedians were interspersed with dancers in burlesque clothing.

Burlesque Beauty Adult Costume

Burlesque CostumesWith the arrival of films and other mass-produced entertainment, shows evolved to only include what couldn’t be shown on television. That left the women who practiced their art in a showgirl costume performing in shows that became more titillating through the 1940s and 1950s.

As stag films and x-rated entertainment became commonplace, the dancers who seduced so many men from the stage hung up their burlesque costumes, Their acts were too dignified to satisfy coarse appetites.

Goldie Rush Adult Costume

Goldie Rush Adult Costume

The art has been revived in recent years. The great burlesque costumes of the past have been reincarnated and reimagined, The art form has finally gotten the respect it deserves. Burlesque clothing is fit for costume parties and masquerades.

A woman can wear a showgirl costume without worrying about her reputation.

Quite the reverse, burlesque costumes are a tasteful way to be the center of attention while maintaining self respect . . .

Madame Can Can Adult Costume

Madame Can Can Adult CostumeA corset and petticoat are the foundation of a suitable showgirl costume, the flashier and more colorful, the better. Sequins add eye appeal. A showgirl costume should dazzle. After that, burlesque costumes are all about accessories.

High heeled shoes will accent the calves and focus attention on the feet. Since legs are the tools of a seductive dancer’s trade, they should be sheathed in appropriate stockings, either fishnets or patterned.

Love Bite Vampire Adult Costume

Love Bite Vampire Adult Costume

Garters lend their naughty associations without giving too much away. Wearing them around the thighs is de rigeur, but sporting them on the upper arms will give an exotic lady something extra to throw to her adoring crowd.

Fabulous Firebird Adult Light Up Costume

Burlesque Firebird Light Up CostumeSpeaking of arms, burlesque clothing has to include long, opera gloves to add a touch of class and high culture.

These can be languorously peeled off as the night wears on and twirled over the head in a gesture of carefree abandon.

An essential item of burlesque clothing includes the use of feathers, either in large fans to protect a lady’s modesty, or as boas that drape loosely over the shoulders and echo a woman’s movements as she sashays across the floor.

Feathers are important accoutrements in burlesque clothing, but so is headgear. This can be a tiara or it can be a top hat. The hat does not need to be a functional one. This is another place where sequins and colors can be used to good effect.

Jonah Hex – Lilah (Red Look) Adult Costume

Jonah Hex - Lilah Adult Costume

A miniature top hat worn to the side, a la Marlene Dietrich, is both formal and sexy, worn tongue in cheek in recognition that no showgirl will be left alone outdoors for long.

Comics are traditional emcees for burlesque shows. To make the costume complete, a lady’s companion can dress as a vaudeville-style comedian. Lou Costello and Jackie Gleason got their start that way.

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